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WGEO Download

Georeferencing, Geoimaging & Transformation

WGEO 5.0

We provide the software WGEO 5.0 for download here. The installation comes in two varieties

  • web-based installation
The web-based version consists of a small executable that allows you to select features first and downloads only the selected items afterwards.This may save time if you do not want to install all features at once.
  • download package based installation
The download package installation downloads all the data before installation. It is needed when you want to install WGEO on machines that are not connected to the internet. It is also recommended for multiple installations, avoiding a new download for each machine.

Please use the online help to familiarize yourself with WGEO!

Request for a keycode: sales(at)

Patches and installation files for older versions of WGEO:

Users of WGEO 4.0 can download the Patch here:

Program Version Size Operating System Requirements Fixed Bugs Download
WGEO 4.0-155 9.5 MB Windows as for WGEO,
WGEO 4.0 installed
Changes Download patch

Patch installation: All patches for WGEO are *.exe program files. They can be executed from an arbitrary directory. A previous installation of WGEO 4.0 is necessary.

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